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Autobind dropdown and group by - workaround?

Hey Guys!

I’m autobinding a dropdown to a field in the DB.

Within the field there are a number of entries that I’d like to :Group by but I’m unable to achieve this as it kicks the autobind funtionality out when I select :Group by at the end of the string.

Any ideas how I can get around this another way?

Appreciate any help

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Update - also tried :unique elements but doesn’t work

Hey @ryan23 :wave:

I can understand why that could be confusing. :thinking:

Here is a possible solution.

The reason you can’t autobind when there is : grouped by at the end is because it becomes a list of things. If you truly want to ‘autobind’ on a list of things, you would have to right click on the input and select ‘edit workflow’ and make changes to a list of things that have the current cell’s grouping as a condition.

Does that make sense? Is that what you are trying to do?

If not, maybe share some screen shots so we can help more.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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@J805 thanks for the reply but no unfortunately it’s not :worried:

The type of choices shown on the following snip contains some duplicated entries:

This is the DB entries containing duplicates I need to group:

This is the dropdown that when clicked will show the duplicated entries I need to be grouped:
(In this instance, I’ve tried using unique elements to group them but it doesn’t work when testing)

What I need is to group all entries that are duplicates - instead of them showing independantley within the user’s dropdown choices, I need there to be only one of each displayed.
(So instead of there being 3 x Internal’s, there will only be one)

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Hey @ryan23 :wave:

Sorry for the confusion. Grouped by is what you need for display purposes. Not unique items. Unique items will display all of them since each one has a unique id, unless you are changing the type to ‘text’ then unique items might work.

Try switching out to a grouped by and see if that gets us any closer. :blush:

@J805 understood although using grouped by prevents the autobinding feature…

I’m using the entries from one type and field to autobind another

Correct. But you can right click on your dropdown and use ‘edit workflow’ instead of autobinding. Would that work? :man_shrugging:

If I were building this out myself, I would create an option set called grade and have these three choices. Then attach the option set to the data type instead of using text. But it should work just fine with the way you have it too.

@J805 I see your logic! :eyes: I’ll give it a go and let you know.

The reason I’ve done it this way is because a different user type to the current user creates the dropdown contents for the other user to choose from but only if they have added that user as a supplier. It’s pretty intense and intertwined.

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No worries. Let me know if you get stuck on the next step or not. :blush:

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Thanks @J805

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Right click, Edit w’flow, do when value changes worked after some tweaking…thanks!

I’ve made each dropdown in the series dependant on the value of the previous ones.

Problem I have now though is that when I make a selection on a dropdown that has already been populated, the following dropdowns don’t reset like they would with autobinding.

Any ideas how this might be done?

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Hey @ryan23 :wave:

Can you share a few screenshots of how you have it set up? I am thinking that you might not have the initial/default value set up. Just my first thought. Screenshots will help further troubleshoot the issue. :blush:

No problem @J805.

You’re right, default value is not set up.
I’m using a conditional on the place holder for displaying the parent groups field when not empty.



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Ahhh. Ok. Instead of doing the placeholder, set the default value instead. That might solve your issue. :blush:

I can’t do parent group’s thing or Do a search for in the default value because it’s not the same thing as the dropdown choices :face_with_monocle:

Dropdown choices thing is created by another user type

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Hmm :thinking:

I would have to dig deeper into how you have your database set up to help with it I think. :man_shrugging:t2: Maybe try changing a state or value at the same time you change the other input. Maybe that will push it to work like autobinding was.

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Thinking outside the box, I like it - Might play with that idea - thanks

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Hope it helps! Thinking outside of the box is just part of the job. :blush:

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