This input should no be empty Not working

Hi All

So this feature is on a drop down box… it works fine for most instances but i am having some trouble if the dropdown is in a repeating group.

When inside the repeating group it lists (Dynamically) a question (Text) and then a drop down with possible answers. There could be 1 or more questions, thus 1 or more drop down’s.

I then have a button the goes to the next element (Think of it as a form and step 1 is answering these questions which then takes you to step 2)

When clicking the button it is not checking that the dropdown’s have data in them.

Is there a way to get around this? i tried autobinding but it is not working (assuming it is because it is in a repeating group)

Can autobinding be done on a repeating group dropdown?


Hey @simonperks81

You could have a workflow when the dropdown’s value is changed to Make Changes to Question
And make the “Next” button not clickable if all questions do not have answers

See the demo here:
And the editor:

Hope that helps

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