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Checkbox use with yes/no database field

Hi everyone,

New user here, so forgive the basic question. I am trying to connect a checkbox to a ‘thing’ field. Here are the requirements:

  1. upon page load the checkbox would dynamically show a checked / uncheck state based on the value of a yes/no field.

  2. when the value of the checkbox changes the field gets automatically updated.

I’ve tried in a couple of different ways, but I don’t seem to be able to make it work. Also, the documentation seems lacking in this respect, from what I was able to see.

Any insights?



Could you share your editor link so we can see how you currently have it set up?

Hi there. Thanks.

I think this is the link you need…

Your app is private sadly. Easiest way to help is to get access.

I just changed it public. Thanks Nigel.


The dynamic status on the element would be the way to do it, rather than the “On page load”.

The reason they aren’t working is that User Settings isn’t set to an AI Setting thing. So it doesn’t pull through the values.

To do the update you do an action when when check box value is changed.

Thanks Nigel. Makes sense.


@NigelG Wanted to discuss this check box option a little further. I have about 10 fields in my database that I have set as a YES/NO. These are connected to radio buttons.

Some of the 10 fields have Default set to TRUE and others FALSE. Ultimately, I need the radio buttons to be checked ( TRUE) or unchecked (FALSE) based on the database default option, but they aren’t populating.

You could either:

  1. Set the initial content of the checkbox to the Thing’s field value (dynamic), which if not modified, will be the default.

  2. Manually set the checkbox values to unchecked or checked. It won’t pull from the default setting, but you’ll be ensuring their initial state.

Do either of these work?

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@romanmg I did option 1, but the “Dynamic Status” has to be set to "No or “Yes”. I set status to “NO” and have the default value to “TRUE”, but it doesn’t check the box.

I want to preload these checkboxes from the database using either TRUE or FALSE, however, the user can always uncheck or check a box to override the default option.

The initial value should pull from the field. So not no or yes directly, but the value of the field with the default. This field should be a yes/no type.

EX: Current User’s admin (field type yes/no)

If a user’s admin field is defaulted to No, then it will be unchecked. This can be overridden and auto-bind to change to yes.

Edit: so just to be clear, you can search for the actual field value, whether via the user if it’s under the User type or through a DB search: “do a search for…”