Checkbox unchecked doesn't work. It doesn't change the field

I’m trying to make changes to database field to yes/no based on checkbox checked or not checked
It works on being checked.
When checkbox is checked it changes the field to yes but when the checkbox is unchecked it doesn’t change the field.

What’s the issue? Am I doing it wrong or is it bubble issue?

You might want to do something like this:
Screenshot 2020-08-27 at 9.02.03 PM

(When checkbox’s value is changed comes from:
When input’s value is changed)

Replace “Custom Toast” with something like
"Make changes to current user:
[Something Value] = This checkbox is checked

I did that but the same doesn’t work when you uncheck the checkbox.

When the checkbox is unchecked, make changes to field doesn’t work.

then maybe try doing what i said but use “checkbox is unchecked” instead of “checkbox is checked”

That didn’t work. I tried it

could i maybe get video / screenshot proof?

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