Automatic Backup? PLEASE HELP!

Hey Everyone,

I am having issues with keeping data in my app. Some of my app data go missing automatically and can happen in a couple of ways.

  1. The whole record gets deleted.
  2. Some information in that record gets deleted.

The issue with Bubbles backups is that I don’t get to see when stuff goes missing to help solve this bug. I am looking for a way to run a ‘recursive’ backend workflow to have specific datatypes get emailed to me as a CSV.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? I am really stuck here as Bubble is trying to help me, but they ask for how long it takes for stuff to get deleted. If I were able to have backups that I can access, I would help more. Also, I would maintain the data.

PLUS, the type of app this is, there are specific data types that would be very damaging for us if we lost this data. Please help!! Lol.

Thank you.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Do you have a workflow possibly deleting the record? Have you checked privacy rights to make sure the user has access to the record?

Hey @josh10 regarding all workflows that delete anything, I have it where only one person can delete, and to delete, they have to enter their password. It’s not easy to delete. Regarding privacy, I cant limit it to a specific person or user role. Some people need to access the information, they aren’t allowed to edit it though. I don’t seem to have the ability to set a rule that disallows someone from editing/deleting just viewing and searching for.

A lot of that depends on how you have your conditionals setup. I have multiple buttons and groups in my apps that only allow clicking based on user roles.

Also, you have to be careful about checking the box that automatically changes your database. If it is loaded blank and someone clicks on it, it could modify the changes record. That could be what is deleting your previous record, but it’s hard to say without see it.

These records that are going missing are going missing without someone triggering a workflow. To test this, I deleted all actions that would trigger anything to delete. This means that when something went missing, it went missing on its own. Bubble is helping me with it, but they need more information. They want to know things like how long after creation does it go missing. I am not able to help with that because I dont really know. I want to create this automatic backup that will email me or something so I see each day after creation. That is why I am looking for a way to set up the backup automatically. It would be TOO intense to do manually each day.

I actually have a backup I built into my apps. I duplicated the record fields and had the workflow create a duplicate set of records when ever the original record is created. Make sure you link the original record to the backup using a field. Then don’t allow any access or modification after it is created.

Now if you want to get super data crazy with it, you can also have it create another duplicate in Airtable, but I don’t know if I would recommend that if your data has a large amount of rows.

Hey @josh10, I dont really understand the first sentence. I hadn’t actually though about using a 3rd party software to maintain a backup. Are you saying that you have no idea how to export a CSV with the records in it?

Not exactly. Let’s say the user is filling out a form. When they complete the form, it then creates the form data record and a duplicated backup record with Bubble. That way I’m able to troubleshoot the main database for issues.

Any time the user modifies or deletes a record, I also have a use log I created that keeps a running log of major user events. Just for referencing later.

My apps deal with a very large amount of student data. So I have to make sure they don’t disappear.

Same situation for me re: students. I have logs that track stuff also, but they only track when someone triggers something, not when it disappears on its own.

Im looking for a backend workflow that will carry the data elsewhere, I am thinking google sheets or even CSV download. Any ideas on the CSV?

@ben4, were you able to figure this out? There are a lot of us working on databases that need to have a way to export a CSV of the whole dataset for backups, further analysis beyond what Bubble can support, etc. I understood this was possible, but now that I have data, I’ve been trying to figure out how and not finding what I need.

Thank you for asking, I have many suggestions but haven’t tried any yet. I have so many other things to do. This is a priority so maybe I should jump no this. Ill come back if I find one that works.


You can listen for data changes on your Backend API Workflows.

From there you have the option to see previous and now. If now is deleted, you should be able to trigger a workflow with the old data.

p.s. haven’t tried if it works, but it would be crazy if it didn’t :o:


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