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Automatically create pages & populate with data


Was wondering if Bubble has the ability to automatically create pages based on time/date/data on another page.

As well, would Bubble be able to pull data in from Google Sheets and populate that page with that information?

New to web app building as a whole, but strong idea of what I want to do.


I’m having a tough time understanding your question. Could you provide an example to help me wrap my dense noggin around your scenario?

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A schedule of basketball games exists on a page.

When I decide to run this process, pages with stats from those games would:
a) automatically be created
b) populate with the game data/stats from Google Sheets.

As I type this, I realize it will probably take some custom code to do.

Bubble can’t automatically create “pages”. But what you can have is a page that dynamically builds the data on it. And you can dynamically change the name of this with a parameter if you want.

You could use Zapier to send data from a Google Sheet to Bubble. Or you could use Blockspring to pull it over. Or potentially you could access the sheet directly via the Google API.

So, doable, but perhaps not simple :slight_smile:

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