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Create multiple pages using a template page and data

Hi Guys - I am working on a project where a partner has information about a lot of physical places (address, data on the structures, commentary, etc). They have an existing site but its getting a bit unwieldy and I think Bubble can add extra functionality. The data is mostly displayed on a page dedicated to each place and a map of them all.

I can work with the map but I’m struggling to think of a way to create the individuals pages for each location. Theres a few 100 and I’d prefer not to do it manually lots of times! Has anyone created pages using a template page and data (via CSV) to complete it?

Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

Hey Chris,

All you need to do is create a single page and set it up to display your “dynamic data” which can be uploaded to your Bubble database via CSV. Design the page so that it contains all the elements necessary, and map the content (text, images, etc.) to fields in your database. You’ll have to “send data” to that page so that it displays the place you want (maybe via a search on a landing page).

I recommend going through lessons on saving and sending data to understand some fundamentals:

But in short, you definitely only need to build 1 page!

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@romanmg you beat me!

@potentialthings Haha! Was just about to say the same to you :slight_smile: PS - I learn a lot from you!

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Thanks for your reply!