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Hi all! I’ve connected my Bubble website to a Google Spreadsheet (each row there is the info about a user, written by an external website), and everyday I have to manually move the new entries from that sheet to my Bubble’s database to put them live in my Bubble website. I’m using API Connector to show in my website the content of the sheet (using Google API).

The thing is I don’t want to do that manual process anymore (I cannot be “real-time” like that). What I want is everytime there’s a new row in the sheet, I want to trigger the workflow that put the information about that row in my Bubble DB -what I’m doing now, but automatically instead of me having to press a button-.

The flow would be: everytime there’s a new row in the sheet, make a flow I’ve already implemented. Is it done via a Scheduled Workflow? And in that case, how can I configure it? Just to be clear: what I wanna do is automatically move things from a spreadsheet (I’m already connected to it via API Connector) to Bubble Database, without manual moderation.

Thanks a lot!

And in case I substitute the sheet by the Bubble DB (after exposing my Bubble API endpoints to the external website), how can I do something (send an email e.g.) every time there’s a new entry in the database? Thanks! :slight_smile:

A few quick thoughts:

  • If you can POST the data to Bubble’s API instead of added it to the spreadsheet, then you’d be able to add it to your DB right away. That’s probably the cleanest solution that’d be the easiest to maintain and, potentially, update in the future.
  • If you must continue to use the google sheet, you may be able to find a way to get Blockspring to send the data to Bubble. Not sure exactly how this would work, but my intuition tells me Blockspring may offer a solution.
  • If none of those work, I’d look to see if Google Sheet’s has the ability to send that data via an API (e.g., so that you’re app can receive it and then store it).

Best of luck!

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Thanks @sridharan.s! Actually, that’s what I’m trying now… Since it’s a different approach, I’ve published a different threat here: Write in Bubble's DB using POST
In case you could drop by there and give me some suggestion, I would really appreciate it! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

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I’ve solved it following the steps in this post: Write in Bubble's DB using POST

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