Automating Stripe Payments When User has no account

Hi, I’m wondering if anybody has a solution/workaround to my problem?

I have a customer that is invoiced based on a job that is completed at their property. They then pay directly from the invoice by clicking a ‘pay now’ button.

The customer is not a User and is not logged into my app at any point. They are under my data type ‘Customer’, and to make payment which is a workflow consisting of charge the current user.
I’ve been able to get this to run by them entering their email each time they pay, however I can’t seem to work out how to save their card on file and automatically charge them each time the job is done.

Any ideas/workarounds on this? I think the problem is because the ‘charge the user using saved CC’ wants accepts only the ‘User’ data type

This is how I currently charge the customer, but I’m guessing it would to be something more like this

When I do it this way though it wont accept anything

I’m working on a similar project. One thought is to utilize the Stripe customer portal, which is the way we’re looking at going. You can grab the Current User, even if they aren’t logged in (basically a session ID) and use that for your initial invoicing/portal setup. You can create new invoices and set them to autopay against the card saved in the customer portal going forward.

Another thought is to create an official user using the Current User by setting the password yourself (“Sign User Up” and “Log the User In” workflow items). Happy to talk more offline if it would help.

You’ll need to think through authentication/security and build your trade-offs for your application. Maybe through a URL with a session key as a variable?

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