How to populate field that reference other table using workflow

I have the basic user table with email (type email) , age (number) and function (that references the table function * that is populated with 3 options ). I can use inputs to populate a new user data (email and number) , but when it comes to the function i think i would need a dropdown to use as “input” (however i wan’t to populate it using only the workflow background - no dropdown). Is it possible ?

Not sure what you are asking …”using the workflow background “

Could you elaborate please?

Thank you for the reply.

EX: If you make a table (user) and make a field (role - not a list) that references another table (roles table —> which has fields : role name ; description)

The only way i found to fill (populate) the field (on the users table) that references another table (roles) was by using the “search for” on workflow and by selecting the “first item”. I wanted to make it possible without the need of ui dropdowns as a choice picker.

I want to know more about these workflow expressions, because some of them return text and others yes or no (the wiki talks about them , but i want to see more of a practical application as i am kind of lost on them).

You are welcome!

These 5 short videos by @TipLister may help putting together most of the different concepts needed to sort out your problem:

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