AutoSearch Tutorial Stuck

Hi all
New bubbler here, is that what we are called???

Loving the product , getting used to how it works . Have followed many videos to learn and read the postings, first posting for me and need your help.

I followed the tutorial on how to create an auto search feature, all works great on my iPhone.

Autosearch Tutorial

However when using the site on a mac or windows pc, safari, chrome or IE I cannot get the group focus to remain visible when I click into the input search box.

If I tab there it works. I have stepped through the debugger and it works. Its baffling me. I have created another page to try again, same results. I wonder if anyone can help. Can I post a page for you to look at?

just to clarify - if u follow the video

  1. I click in the search input, the group focus flashes and vanishes
  2. I can type in the input and use the search icon it works fine

All works as per the video on iPhone
thanks in advance


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