Availability of multiple resources in an appointment booking application

I would really appreciate some help with an appointment booking application I am building. I am trying to allow users to book an appointment online to see a properties which are available to rent. The users will be able to select the property they are interested in, then be presented with available time slots. The predefined time slots are recorded within a Bubble data type called Appointments. Each property has numerous time slots recorded and the Data Type including the following fields among others; Start Date Time, End Date Time, a unique identifier for the property it relates to and a text Description for the time slot like “Available for Viewing”.

Users will need to be accompanied on the appointment with an Agent and so I only want to display time slots for the property when an agent is also available. The available times for the agents are recorded in a separate application in a table of Events and I have an API set up to retrieve the data. The data available in the API includes the Agent Name, the time they are available from, the time they available to and a Description of the event like “Available”.

I have been able to display the time slots for a property on a calendar using the Full Calendar plug in, but have not found a way to restrict the visibility of the time slots based on the availability of the Agent(s).

I am looking for some guidance from those more knowledgeable and experience (and probably smarter that I) on the best way to implement a solution for the use case above in Bubble. I’m not sure if the Full Calendar approach is viable or if an alternative solution is required? My background is non-technical so looking for a solution which does not require me to write any complex code. Any ideas would be welcome!

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