"Average CPU usage against available capacity" graph is fixed

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that they might start seeing a more accurate graph for “Average CPU usage against the available capacity”, because for the last several months (since around August 12th, 2021) it hasn’t been working. Some things to note:

  • The actual capacity management as working as designed
  • Should only affect apps that converted to professional or higher after August 12th, old apps shouldn’t see changes
  • This will not fix historical data from the graph, just data going forward
  • The “Periods where the app hit maximum capacity” graph wasn’t broken, so no changes there

Wanted to post here so that Bubblers don’t suddenly see spikes and wonder if something is wrong.


Cool, thanks
Will be great if you can fix that “Other” category that can’t be open.


Agree. No idea what that is…