[Awesome plugin] Meet Kawaii: Breathe Life into Your Bubble Apps 🎭


Introducing Kawaii: Your Animation Magic Wand! :magic_wand:

Where Magic Meets Motion in Your Bubble Apps

Crafted with precision, inspired by passion, and powered by the state-of-the-art Green Sock Animation Platform (GSAP). Kawaii is not just another plugin. It’s an experience, a revolution, and the answer to all your animation aspirations in Bubble.

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Revolutionize your designs. Bring them to life effortlessly. Dive into a world where animation meets simplicity. All in one place.


Your Animation Controller

Tweener is like a remote control for your animations. After you design your animation with the Style Designer, Tweener helps you make it move and control it.

Peek Behind the Curtain

1. Create Animation: Making Things Move :building_construction::notes:

  • Use Tweener to pick how your design starts and ends.
  • You choose the beginning (Start) and the finish (End) from the Style Designer.
  • This makes your design element move in a special way.

2. Scroll and See: Scroll Trigger :scroll::rocket:

  • Do you want your design to move when users scroll? Tweener can do that.
  • Link your animation to scrolling. When users move up or down, the design also moves.

3. Control Your Animation :video_game::clapper:

  • After making your animation, Tweener lets you:
    • Play: Start the animation.
    • Pause: Stop it for a moment.
    • Reverse: Make it go backward.
    • Reset: Start from the beginning again.

Style Designer

Dress Up Your Design

Style Designer lets you pick how your designs and words look. After that, you can make them move with Tweener. It’s like dressing up and then dancing!

Discover More

1. Change How It Looks :tophat::sparkles:

  • With Style Designer, you can:
    • Change colors.
    • Make things bigger or smaller.
    • Turn or twist your designs.
    • And more!

2. Make Your Words Fun :scroll::dancer:

  • Words don’t have to be boring.
  • Style Designer lets your text jump, slide, or glow.
  • Make headlines pop and messages more fun.

3. Ready for Animation :dart:

  • After dressing up your design, it’s ready.
  • Now you can use Tweener to make it move.
  • Style Designer sets the look; Tweener brings it to life.

Too Many Steps for a Simple Shake or Slide? We Thought So Too.

Navigating through endless settings and tweaks just to get that one, straightforward animation? Yep, we’ve been there, and it’s overkill. That’s why we brought you Solo Animator .

Introducing Solo Animator

One-Click Wonders

Think of Solo Animator as the quick chef of animations. When you need a fast and simple motion, like making a button change color, Solo Animator gets it done in just one step.
No fuss, no extra steps, just straight to the action.

Dive Deeper

Whether it’s a pop, a wiggle, or a smooth slide – why make it complex when it can be so simple? Get everything spot-on with just a single click. Because animation should be fun, not a chore. Dive into Solo Animator and see the magic unfold in an instant. One action, endless possibilities. Let’s keep things snappy! :rocket:

1. Fast and Easy Changes :sparkles:

  • Want a button to glow when clicked? Or a picture to spin? Solo Animator can do that quickly.
  • Pick your changes and see them happen right away.

2. Everything in One Place :hammer_and_wrench::rainbow:

  • No need to jump between tools.
  • Solo Animator has the best parts of Style Designer and Tweener combined.
  • Set the look and movement all at once.

3. Perfect for Simple Tasks :ok_hand:

  • For more complex animations, you have Style Designer and Tweener.
  • But for easy, one-time changes, Solo Animator is your best friend.
  • Note: Solo Animator is for quick actions, so it doesn’t support scroll triggers or future controls. It’s all about instant results!

Kawaii vs. The World: Setting the Gold Standard :trophy:

Where Bubble’s basic tools set the foundation, Kawaii builds the empire. More styles, more control, and unparalleled engagement. Kawaii doesn’t compete; it leads.

:milky_way: Experience Kawaii. Where Every Animation Tells a Story. :milky_way:

Join the revolution. Be a part of the future. Let Kawaii elevate your Bubble.io apps from the everyday to extraordinary.

Kawaii - Animation Solution (Demo)

Demo Bubble Editor

Simple Submit Button Animation with Kawaii

Swipe to Reveal Tutorial with Kawaii