💌 ᴺᴱᵂ ᴾᴸᵁᴳᴵᴺ AWS SES - Simple Email Service (incl. Automated AWS Environment Setup)

Olá, pessoal!
Ótimas notícias!

Depois de passar dias pesquisando os melhores serviços para enviar e-mails transacionais de forma barata e confiável, descobri que a Amazon possuía um serviço muito bom, porém não havia nada do tipo para integrar com o Bubble.

O @redvivi acaba de lançar seu novo plugin de envio de e-mails através da Amazon! E funciona muito bem!

A Amazon cobra somente $1 dólar para cada 10.000 e-mails, bem diferente do Sendblue que cobra $25 (fora os gratuitos) ou do Postmark que cobra $10.
Adquirindo o plugin, em dois meses, a conta se paga tranquilamente com a economia.

Você pode enviar e-mails com qualquer nome associado ao seu domínio, por exemplo, se o seu domínio é seuapp.com, é possível enviar e-mails como no-reply@seuapp.com, suporte@seuapp.com, mensagem@seuapp.com ou qualquer que seja o nome desejado.

E ainda é possível receber e-mails com esse serviço da AWS! (Não é o foco deste post).

Fica aqui a minha dica para quem quiser um serviço melhor de envio de e-mails:

@renatoasse vi o seu vídeo sobre e-mails, creio que esse seria um excelente tema para tratar. :slight_smile:

Observação: apesar de o plugin existir, ainda é preciso seguir algumas etapas por parte da AWS.

  • Selecionar o servidor desejado (no meu caso, São Paulo);
  • Validar domínio;
  • Enviar e-mails teste;
  • Configurar chaves para a API;
  • Solicitar saída do sandbox.

Para ser sincero, a parte mais difícil é conseguir a liberação para envio em modo produção, pois fora dele, só é possível enviar 200 e-mails/dias para e-mails verificados anteriormente.
Depois de enviar muitos detalhes sobre a minha plataforma, me liberaram 50.000 e-mails por dia. :smiley:

Espero ter ajudado muitos de vocês.


Hey guys!
Great news!

After spending days researching the best services to send transactional emails cheaply and reliably, I found that Amazon had a very good service, but there was nothing of the kind to integrate with Bubble.

@Redvivi has just launched its new plugin for sending emails through Amazon! And it works very well!

Amazon charges only $1 for every 10,000 emails, quite different from Sendblue which charges $ 25 (other than free) or Postmark which charges $10.
By purchasing the plugin, in two months, the bill pays off smoothly with the savings.

You can send emails with any name associated with your domain, for example, if your domain is seuapp.com, you can send emails like no-reply@seuapp.com, suporte@seuapp.com, message @ seuapp .com or whatever the name you want.

And you can still receive emails with this AWS service! (It is not the focus of this post).

Here is my tip for those who want a better service for sending e-mails:

@renatoasse I saw your video about emails, I think that would be an excellent topic to deal with. :smiley:

I hope I have helped many of you.


What about deliverability? Any experience on that?

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So far I have had no problems, especially for hotmail accounts, which was being my biggest challenge. At Amazon you validate the DKIM and ensure that there is a good delivery rate, as the sender is verified (I believe it exists in other services as well).

Below is a brief explanation of DKIM taken from a website:

“The DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) system is a form of email authentication that adds digital encryption signatures to email messages.”

“So, when using DKIM, the server that receives the email (ISP) can verify that the message that arrived - and claims to come from a certain domain - really comes from there. This makes it difficult for scammers to try to practice phishing under your brand name.”

I think it helps a lot to not enter the user’s Spam.


Ah great, thanks! Please, in the future if this provider shows issues do let us know here, people are always looking for alternative providers! And knowing about solid ones is great.


Thanks @imad30 for your valuable feedback !

As far as I can tell, AWS SES emails are SPF & DKIM validated.

Compared to other AWS services, I have found the AWS SES validation procedure to be quite extensive - I guess they want to protect their IPs & domains from being blacklisted - but it guarantees without doubt that it works well.

Looks promising so far.


You’re welcome! You can leave that warning, yes. Certainly, all help is welcome.


I thank you, @redvivi !

That’s exactly it, they want to keep their reputation in order, so it ends up being more bureaucratic to get access, but after that, it works super well! :smiley:

$0.10 for every 1,000 emails you send with AWS SES. That’s great.



Can the plugin be used with two or more AWS regions at the same time?


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Hey @domontic,

Not at the moment, but technically definitely possible.
Would you mind to elaborate on your use-case/business context?

Thanks for the reply.

We want to configure AWS SES in two regions, for example “eu-south-1” and “us-east-1”, the zone selection will be made automatically by the allocation in bubble.io and the type of distinction…

if i buy your plugin can i create email identities in AWS?

Understood. It would therefore require customization if you wish to use several regions in a single bubble app.
Please contact me in DM for further information.

Of course!

@redvivi do you know if it is possible to send emails on behalf of my clients? (SaaS use cases)

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Yes, but they would need to verify their identities they would use to send out emails:

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Hello Bubblers!

Just to let you know that this plugin has been updated to provide an automated script to configure your AWS environment :-).



Hey Bubblers!

Please be advised that this plugin now supports multiple recipients in a single email for To, Cc, Bcc, Reply-to recipients fields.

:warning: Unfortunately, I had no choice but to convert all those input fields to lists, which is a breaking change on upgrade.

That being said, do no panic.
If you are using a text field as input, just append :split by ',' operation to your existing value, which is creating a comma-delimited list from a string, even if you have a single string without any comma.


Hey Bubblers!

Informing you that this plugin has been updated with a new action:

Send Bulk Templated Emails via AWS SES

Which allows you to pass a list of recipients and template parameters to send bulk templated emails in a single workflow action, which saves WUs instead of looping through a unitary action to send such emails.

Performance-tested against a list of 1500 emails.

Maximum sending rate depends on your AWS SES account health.