Video Tutorial - AWS Simple Email Service (SES) with - Custom low-code e-mail back-end

Hi Bubblers,

We’ve just released a video tutorial on using Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) with Bubble. If you’re interested in using SES for your e-mail back-end, check it out!

We go through the process of setting up AWS SES, creating the code and API to generate emails, and then connect that to our Bubble app. By the end, we’re sending, from a Bubble workflow, fully customized emails and attaching files that have been uploaded to Bubble.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!


Nice. Have you been using SES for a while? I’d be curious to know how you’ve found them to be in terms of deliverability / reliability. I know that’s been one of the major complaints with Sendgrid.

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I don’t have a great sense of how it stacks up, in the general case, against Sendgrid/Postmark/etc. Maybe someone else on this forum who has more experience with the spread of available options could weigh in.

I’ve used it for transactional emails quite successfully, but I can’t speak to deliverability with marketing email (which is where deliverability typically tends to break down, I think). I suspect individual mileage probably varies to some degree, but that you can probably build quite a robust and reliable system if you’re diligent about handling complaints and unsubscribe requests, you use DKIM/DMARC for message authentication, you protect your API endpoints, and maybe even use dedicated IP pools (if your app or user base is well established).

Here are a couple of resources about how to improve deliverability with SES (they’re not really an answer to your question, but maybe they’ll be helpful for folks using SES):



Thank you!!

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