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Send email via AmazonSES

Hey :slight_smile: I’d like to use AmazonSES to send emails via my Bubble apps, as we already have AmazonSES set up and working well for our companies other systems and all our domains are whitelisted etc.

Could someone please tell me how I would go about setting Bubble up to send emails via SES ?

Many thanks in advance

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You have to setup the API.

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Thank you. I’m very new to bubble & this feels quite scary to me… Could you please give me a few pointers on where to start, ie from the bubble end. I’ve no experience with api. Will start researching :sweat_smile:

Copilot has a great course on mastering APIs.

On Bubble you have to install the API plugin, and the basic for understand the API is the authentication methods and the call for get or post data.

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