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Send email via AmazonSES

Hey :slight_smile: I’d like to use AmazonSES to send emails via my Bubble apps, as we already have AmazonSES set up and working well for our companies other systems and all our domains are whitelisted etc.

Could someone please tell me how I would go about setting Bubble up to send emails via SES ?

Many thanks in advance

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You have to setup the API.

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Thank you. I’m very new to bubble & this feels quite scary to me… Could you please give me a few pointers on where to start, ie from the bubble end. I’ve no experience with api. Will start researching :sweat_smile:

Copilot has a great course on mastering APIs.

On Bubble you have to install the API plugin, and the basic for understand the API is the authentication methods and the call for get or post data.

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Has anybody made any progress on this? I have connected my fair share of APIs in the past, but this whole business with the Signature Version 4 and its canonical requests is really leaving me very confused.

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is my understanding of the pricing correct?
for a a bubble app on the personal plan ($30/month)

$0.10 for every 1,000 emails you send.

seems to good to be true, am I missing something?

It’s really good price. But they are quite strict - any sign of spamming or too many bounces and they will ban you.

My company uses SES for all emailing (mainly from Filemaker) i am eager to have it working and available from bubble.

I have still not succeeded at accomplishing this. I have made a plugin able to use Amazon SES authenticating with identity pools, but it will not be secure, as the pool ID will be available in the browser. If anybody has successfully connected bubble with SES, I’d love to have a few tips on how to make this happen!

Here is the solution without Identity Pool @tariuk, @daleaskew

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Thank you!! I’ll be taking a look at it very soon. If it works well, this will be solving many problems I’ve had for months. As a comment, I can already tell that it will be very useful to add the possibility to create and manage new email templates.

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It is already in the pipe :wink:.
Please DM us once you are set up for a preview.

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We have a beta implementation of using AWS SES template (create/update/delete) and send the email from the template of course.

We are looking for users to try out - are you ready @tariuk ?

Hey, this is useful, thanks for sharing

  1. Go to the Amazon SES Console and log in.
  2. Verify an email address in process 2. Before you may use Amazon SES to send the email, you must first verify that you control the sender’s email account (or the domain of the address) with Amazon SES.
  3. Send an email (Step 3)…
  4. The Steps Are as follows
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