Azure Logic Apps + Bubble = LOOPS in Workflows 😊

I recently tried using Azure Logic Apps with Bubble and it proved really useful for more complex workflows: parallel branches, loops, long-running workflows… all these you wish Bubble had are possible here. Plus really nice debugging/profiling features, you can see the execution time of every step… :blush:

Has anyone else tried it, what are your thoughts?


I haven’t tried this or seen anyone else try this as of yet, but I like the concept and I am going to have to give it a test drive soon. I’ve been doing a lot of things with Azure Functions and Azure SQL + Bubble node plugins. Excited to add this to the list of options to leverage to overcome the missing components in Bubble.

How are you triggering the logic flows from bubble and waiting for responses in your bubble workflow? super interested in this as I am very comfortable in logic apps and would love to send data for processing from a user triggered workflow and then receive the results back to display?