Easier workflows

Hi, I’ve been using Bubble now for about 2 months and I previously used the Outsystems Platform.
I really must say that Bubble, for the price, is a really good low code solution and competes toe to toe with the big platforms like Outsystems.

Anyway, what I really miss from their system is the way you build logic like a business process. In bubble we don’t have “if” blocks, although you can achieve the same result it isn’t easy to visualize on the editor.
So my Idea, actually a suggestion, would be to implement a “BPM like” graphic design to the workflow design.
See Business Process Model and Notation to see what I mean.

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Great to hear someone with Outsystem background. I tried it before starting with Bubble. There’s a lot of very good components with Outsystem, but my choice and heart is with Bubble :slight_smile:

As you said, in near future, the process (workflows) can be better shown. Great idea.