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Hey community,

I have a data type called [Team]. This data is sent to a team page populated with data entered by the [User]. The team page has it’s own edit page to edit content.

My issue is with the workflow for the CTA (View Team Page) which is on the edit page. The CTA should link back to the team page.

I want the CTA to link back to the [current team page]. Keep in mind there can be more than 1 team page.

Any ideas how to link back to the team page?

Well, this is just like the Profile page and User type issue we discussed here in the Forum earlier.

Your Team edit page is probably of type Team (if not, it should be). To send the user to the View Team page (which will also have a page data type of Team), just open that page and send the Team currently being edited as the data:

On click, Go to page “team” (just like you’ve got in your screenshot). Data to send: Current Page’s Team

(In short: You want to show them the View version of the thing they are currently editing. Both pages would have the same data – the Team in question. Both pages are dynamic pages of type Team. Changing the last part of the URL is how you access different Team objects.

Bubble makes this easy for you by letting you refer to that unique Team to display not as a weird string of numbers but as the results of a search, just passing along the thing we are already looking at, etc.)

I’m gonna suggest having a look at the Sending Data to a Page lesson again. It takes less than 10 minutes and will help you understand this concept.

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I set it up like you said, but the CTA is not clickable.


Do you have a condition on the button that might be making it unclickable? What you’re showing here isn’t enough to tell what the problem might be…

Editor view needed. A zoomed out view of the workflow you’ve pasted here is needed as well.

There’s no conditions.

OK, well is the workflow step you’re showing above actually in the right workflow?

… Awesome! …

Yeah, it’s the right workflow.

Hmm. OK, so what do you mean by “not clickable”? Also, you’re testing the right page, yeah?

Give us a screenshot of the page that appears when you click Preview… Make sure it includes the navigation bar / URL.

You gave this page a data type of “team”, yes? Note that the preview page that appears by default WILL NOT be a usable page. You have to give it the unique ID of some Team object, right?

You’ll see that where there should be an object’s unique ID in the URL, there’s “sample-something”. You need to replace that with a real ID of a team object in your db. (Unless you have some other way to navigate to the page already with a real ID in there.)

. . . . . Very Weird . . . .

Hey, something very weird just happened. I placed the CTA into one of the white div cards and it works.

I have all my elements inside a container. When I place the CTA inside of the parent container I can’t click.

When I place the CTA inside a div inside the container it works.

That’s so weird.

I figured it out. It was me header. I have a hidden menu so the header height is 200 plus px. It was laying over the CTA.

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