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I’m trying to create a workflow on an Edit button that links me to a popup on another page. I can create a Navigate to > page workflow, but when I try to use the ‘show element’ workflow, the only options are elements on my current page, not the page I’d like to open the element on.

There’s probably an easy way to do this but I can’t figure it out, any thoughts?

Hey @plund :slight_smile: You can do this by sending a parameter to the next page. For example, if you’re taking the user from the index page to the popup on the profile page, in the go to page action you can choose to also send a parameter such as “popup” = yes:

*You can set the key and value to be anything you prefer, this is just what will be shown in the URL once the User goes to the next page.

On the profile page, you can create a “Do When Condition is True” workflow which detects the popup = yes parameter by using “Get Data from Page URL”:

Enter “popup” as the parameter name:

Type “yes” after “is” as the value:

Then set the action to show the popup:

This should work, but feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks Faye, I pretty much have this working except for one thing. I’m going to page > activity, and the popup appears nicely, but the unique ID of the page is the ID of the first result in my database, not the result in my repeating group (Parent group’s Listing).

I don’t see anywhere I’ve added :first item, so not sure why it’s behaving like this, strange

Edit: Ah, I think I know why. On my activity page, the content data source is ‘Search for Activities:first item’. This is probably why I guess?


Hey @plund,

That likely is the cause. You’ll want to use the ‘Current Page ____’ module to reference data that is sent to your page of interest via the ‘Data to send’ field from the linking page. :slight_smile:

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@copilot This is the data I can currently send. I was using Parent group’s listing because I want it to go to the page of the parent’s group listing - is this not correct?

On the page I’m linking to, the data is ‘Search for Listings:first item’. I think this is what’s making me only see the first listing every time I link to this page with: ‘go to page > activity’ (data to send: parent group’s listing). Not sure how to get around this one!

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@plund The go to page action you have looks correct (sending the Parent Group Listing as data to the activity page). On the activity page, the data source of the activity_id group would be “Current Page Listing”. If “Current Page Listing” is not an option to choose, you can double-click on the page and set the page’s Type of Content to be “Listing”. “Current Page Listing” will then be an available choice as the data source for activity_id (which will be the Listing data you sent from the previous page).

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Ah I’ve got it working. Not sure why I had ‘Search for Listings:first item’ - I learnt by following Brent’s Airbnb course and that’s what I added (I think it was so I could use an ID constraint and make the URL look neater). I did try with Current Page Listing but it didn’t seem to wokr, until I realise that I was clicking a button that was linking to an external page (mybubbleapp.com/activity?id=current cell’s listing ID or to that effect). When I ‘navigate to activity page’ it works perfectly.

Woohoo, thanks for the help you guys @fayewatson @copilot

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No problem at all! :slight_smile: And I think you’re right about the search:firstitem using the short ID as a constraint as well. There are a couple of ways to set this up of course, but using Current Page will probably be easier to setup/manage in the beginning, and then you can always adjust to the shorter URLs later on if needed.


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