[Backend Change] New log data backend beta

Hi everyone!

Today, we are launching a new beta tool in Bubble’s infrastructure for collecting and querying logs. This is not meant to introduce a new ‘feature’ with Logs, but is a backend replacement. We’ve been testing this new tool with some alpha users over the last few weeks. It appears to be working well as a drop in replacement. One thing you might notice is a performance improvement. If you experience any bugs or issues, please let us know.

This is something we’re changing behind the scenes so there’s nothing you need to do to activate this change. All of Bubble is moving onto this new backend, and after a transition period, we’ll be spinning down the old backend. This new tool provides the foundation for more complex logs data utilization in the future.

For some apps, you may find that scrolling up to load older logs results in either a timeout error or showing no new data. This was an unaddressed issue in our previous implementation. If you’re encountering this issue, we recommend changing the start time to be slightly earlier for now instead of scrolling up.


Soooo cool! Thx