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Backend Troubles?

You guys doing some work in the backend. I am noticing icons changing place on different pages and some other elements moving around. Just checking to make sure it is not a common current problem before I go through everything.

We actually didn’t push anything major yesterday. Is it still happening?

Yeah still happening. As you can see the clipboard icon is up much higher than it should be. Below you can see how it is laid out in the editor.

Well this is because the list is empty. Are you sure some data should be displayed there?

If the list is empty it should not mean that the clipboard icon moves up the screen. The dark blue clipboard icon is what I am referring to.

do you have anything inside the group that is set to collapse when visible/ not visible?

Ok what I did was make the repeating box vertical scrolling. That worked though it raises the question of why is that element attached to repeating container to begin with.

But it is fixed so thanks!!

because when its full list it automatically stretches to fit the content just like the auto collapse does. so anything beneath it in the group will also do this. If you think about having a newsfeed app, the feed will stretch depending on the amount of content. you wouldnt want buttons that sit at the bottom of the feed to stay where they are, you would want them to always stay at the bottom of the feed list.