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Repeating group rendering error?

Hello all,

Just wondering if this is a bug or expected behavior. There are two questions here.

  1. Why are the separator lines missing from a list of fixed number of cells?

  2. Isn’t the repeating group suppose to collapse when the fixed number of cells are not available. For example the height of the repeating group to reduce when only two items are available from a fixed list of 20. P.S. I can use a full list because the data is allotted and this can reduce load times. Also, i can’t use an expandable list (Although I want to) because items don’t load right away causing the user to think he reached the end of the list.


I have noticed in the past that separator lines only appear when there is content in the cells, i think it is a bug.

The list should collapse in when all cells are not populated.

What does the debugger say about those cells?

Nothing. There just empty. Are you facing the same issue?

I’m not. I was wondering if those cells contained rogue data you weren’t expecting. Does the length of the data source in the debugger match your expectations as well?

What OS / Browser are you using?

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