Backend WF on a list - synchronus or asynch?

When I run a Backend WF on a list - does each item from the list run at the same time or do they operate as a loop (1 then the next, etc)


Well, you can for sure operate on them sequentially using a recursive workflow. If you want to ensure this for some reason (e.g., because the operation on some subsequent thing in the list depends on the previous list item being processed), the recursive workflow is surely your friend.

Some good practices when doing this (or just seeing how someone does it) available here in this perfect tutorial (:wink: ):

As for your question: The per-item workflows triggered by “Schedule an API Workflow on a List” surely do not happen “at the same time” (see the documentation for the “Interval” field in that action).

Since there is no mechanism for knowing when the individual workflow for some item in the list is complete (AFAICT), you couldn’t depend on the workflow being complete on item n before the workflow on item n+1 begins, which (if you think about it) is pretty much the only example of why your question would matter.

Scheduling an API workflow on a list is for when you have tasks like, “here’s a bunch of temporary crap - delete this crap in two days (or even right now)”.

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Thanks, this was helpful. I tried building a recursive workflow, but it ended up having a tough time. I’ve done hundreds of recursive for various purposes, but found the list workflow to work in my specific case. Will certainly be optimizing soon based on this information!

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