Backend workflows - scheduled but not running

Hi, i have a problem with backend workflows. Bubble schedules them and don’t run them after. It is already 7:27 pm and I have API events schedules to 5:20 that haven’t run yet. It worked fine today, but now after the event is scheduled nothing happens. It applies to all scheduled events. Even simple step like delete an enter from database doesn’t work if I want to do it using backend workflows (it works fine if I do it using regular workflows)

Please can someone advise what can be the problem. Thanks

Just want to double check that you are on an active bubble plan, as the free plan you cannot run backend workflows.

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All good, I just paused all logs and after was wondering that it doesn’t run then :sweat_smile:
Thanks for help:)


Bro, wtf same here, idk how or when I did, but that was the reason!!! bahahahahha