Backend workflow to check daily if an event is happening today?

I want to send the attendees of an event with a particular date and time an email on the day of the event, as a reminder.

This should be a backend workflow so the user doesn’t need to be logged in. I assume the logic would be:

Once each day, do a search for all events that have the same date as today, and send an email to the users in each event’s attendee list.

The event is a type, and there’s an attendees thing, being a list of users’ emails.

To be honest I’m struggling with both setting the recurrence and doing the check for whether the event is today. I haven’t got to sending out the emails yet.

Any help would be much appreciated!

It’s pretty straight forward, and you’ve already pretty much explained how to do it…

Create a backend workflow that runs each day.

From within that workflow, trigger another one, which send the email for the particular event, to the correct attendees, but only if there’s an event that day (if there are multiple events then account for that).

An alternative way to do this (probably how I’d do it) is to schedule the workflow directly to run on the day of the event, when then event is created.

That ways you don’t have to run the workflow every day, even on days where there are no events. But you do have to account for what happens if an existing event has its date/time changed.

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Thanks Adam, I’ll have to research how to do these options. The second one sounds better, but right now accounting for an edited date confounds me. For one change I can understand how to do it, but not for more changes.

All you have to do is, if/when the original date is changed, just cancel the original scheduled workflow and schedule a new one in relation to the new date. It’s simple (you’ll have to store the workflow ID to be able to do that, of course).

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