Recurring events logic

What I want to do is: every day delete all the records in a data type and create new ones. I try to do it with recurring workflows but am not sure what to enter in the “Workflow thing”.
Here is the link of the backend workflow and the trigger in the frontend.

do you have any input on this? thanks

@mikeloc any input would be appreciated. thanks

Hi there, @sensei01… for what it’s worth, I have never used a recurring event. If I want to do something similar to what you described, I would use a backend workflow where the last action in the workflow schedules the workflow to run again at some point in the future. So, maybe consider heading down that path.


Thanks @mikeloc. But how can I make the backend workflow run every day at a certain hour?

You would kick off the workflow the first time from the front end, and you would schedule it to run at the current date/time +(days) 1 rounded down to date. Then, the last step in the backend workflow would schedule the same workflow to run at the current date/time +(days) 1.


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