Backend workflow with information from URL

Dear Bubble Community! I would be very much grateful for any help regarding the following issue:
I want to use a backend workflow to make 10 new things in my database because I think it is faster then creating it one by one? (am i correct?)
How can I use parameters in URL to tell a backend workflow what name to give to my new thing in database?

Thank you in advance!

As I said in my previous reply, you can pass any data you want into a backend workflow via the workflow parameters.

So you can read URL parameters on the page, then pass them (or related data) into the backend workflow when you schedule it.

Oh my, i just figured it out, it was so easy omg… Thank you so much!!!

Well, nope, im still doing smth wrong…

what am i doing wrong? I tried switching to POST, but to no result… sorry for a noob question.

What exactly is not working?

Are the options correct? Still not giving names to the things…


Are you passing a valid text value into the workflow parameter?

Yep, double and tripple checked it. Thank you for your time though!

Well, if you are then it should be working.

The fact it’s not means you’re almost certainly not passing a valid value into the backend workflow.

But you can check your server logs to see for certain.

Sorry for wasting your time, yes , now i solved the issue. I didn’t specify ws_name in the workflow on the page itself… Thank you for your input on the forum!

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