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Background color mismatch

I have multiple buttons with a background color of #2b2b2b.

Despite not having any conditions for color change, a single button shows up on the editor as another color (yellow).

It occurs to me on multiple browsers and on multiple devices.

Might any of you be experiencing similar things?

Hey @j90 :slight_smile: do you have a link to the editor? Not entirely sure, but do you have two styles with the same name? For example the property editor Style says “Standard Button GreyDark” (capital G) and the editor version has that as “Standard Button greyDark” (lowercase g).

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Hey @fayewatson

It’s not a public app so I won’t be able to share with the link :frowning: but the styles are of the same name.

When I click “Edit Style” for any element, the style names for all my of elements automatically get partially lowercased in the style view.

What is irritating is I can’t seem to replicate this issue other than it happening on a random basis when nothing has been changed.

Could you create a new public app, copy+paste the Styles, then paste the buttons to the page as well?

Here’s how to copy a Style:

Sure thing @fayewatson

Here is the url

Been using Bubble for a while, and it still boggles my mind how it turns yellow without any conditions for it.

As of this comment, it is not yellow…

Hmm… that’s so odd. If you can’t replicate it, does it continue to happen in your app when you create a new button from scratch with that style? Maybe delete the style, create a new one, and apply the style to the button so you don’t lose workflows?

The only other thing I can think of is… the Simpsons are trying to design your app. :wink:

Yeah, strange! I just had to rebuild the page from scratch since the buttons kept doing it at random.

I blame Krusty.

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