Background shakes on safari

When applying a parallax effect to the background, it shakes on safari, which it didn’t do before, and it looks like this:


While on chrome it looks like this:


Smooth and not shaky. Has anyone else experienced this?

Do you have a link to the app? I’ll be happy to give it at go on my Mac and see if it happens here too.

Thank you!

Got another app which is live as well, and it looks terrible:


This one is tested on five other macs, during our release-test.

I’m seeing the same thing I’m afraid.

I’d take this up with the Bubble team and perhaps file a bug report. Knowing the pressure they’re under now though, I suspect it won’t be on the top of the list of priorities unfortunately.

Maybe it can be solved through some hack, but I’ll have to leave that up to someone more knowledgeable than me in this area.

Thank you!

Probably the easiest way to solve it right now is by using a floating group with zindex “beneath the page” and an empty page-background. The downside with this solution is that you lose the parallax effect. It works as a parallax speed set to 0.0.

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