Ban specific user from rg

I have created an admin panel with an RG of all the users, I want admins to be able to ban/delete a users account via a button. I’m unsure how to set it up.

When the admin goes onto the panel they see an RG, next to each users e-mail they see a button that says ‘Revoke Access’, if they click that a group pops up that gives them the option to go back or confirm the ban.

How do I make it so it deletes the specific user they clicked on?

To change the data for the user in the repeating group you need to “send the data to the popup” first. It will probably be type “user” and then you can modify it.

This is probably the step you are missing. Just a thought. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Just a side note: Think about not deleting the user but maybe marking them as banned. Just an idea.

How would I do that, thanks by the way.

Sure, which part? Sending data to the popup? :slight_smile:

Actually I’ve done it now. Thanks for the help!

Awesome! :grin:

I seem to have broke it some how, now it deletes the user when you click Revoke Acess, not when you click yes on the popup. Any ideas?

Actually, I’ve fixed it. Haha.

Check your workflows. For the button that opens the pop up click the info button at the top right. This will show all the workflows attached to the button. Make sure there aren’t two different ones and follow each workflow to see what happens. Or in preview mode do a step by step to see what happens when you press the button. Should help you troubleshoot your issue. :slight_smile:

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