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Band booking app

Hey guys!

Trying to figure out the data structure of an app im building but cant seem to get my head around it… Trying to build a scheduling app to find band availabilities and have an admin place those bands into different venues.

The bit im struggling with is how to integrate this all with a calendar. Ive tried different calendar apps but i think I may need to create my own calendar system. But how would I have access to multiple months / years without first creating those entries?

Might be a silly question and im sure im going to have a light bulb moment soon but right now its doing my heading haha

Hey! You’re putting together a booking app. These are complex but very doable! I’d start by looking at the plugin marketplace and reading thru the forums. There’s ways to make this using plugins to do the heavy lifting.

Idk that you can realistically make this using “vanilla bubble alone” (probably would be harder than it should be but it’s gotta be doable)

With an hour or two of coaching I could get you set up and running, ready to use my calendar plugin to schedule these resources!

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