Basic topic - How to display a text of a datatype field belonging to a relative datatype field

Hi guys, probably this is a basic thing to do but unfortunately I m not able to do it

I have to two different data type:

  1. User
  • Name (text)
  • Surname (text)
  • Answers (Answers) - This field is linked to another data type
  1. Answers
  • Answer 1 (text)
  • User (User) - the field is linked to the User datatype

I want to display in 2 columns:

  • Column 1: Name User 1 (not the current user)
  • Column 2: Answer 1 of the user in the column 1

To be honest I m having problems in displaying it. Do you guys have any idea?


Assuming your RG has a content type of User…

Column 1:
Current Cell’s User’s Name

Column 2:
Current Cell’s User’s Answers first item’s Answer

(you may need to filter or sort the Users answers to get the one you need)

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I ve tried as you said:
Is there something wrong?

So it appears the Answers field is not a list of Answers (as the name would suggest), but a single ‘Answers’ (whatever that means)…

you’ve given your data type a plural name (which always causes confusion) AND also given your (singular) field a plural name (which is even more confusing)…

In any case, it’s the same, you just don’t need to define which item from the list (as it’s not a list)…

So, in column 2 you just need to use Current Cell's User's Answers's Answer 1, which is exactly what you’re doing.

The reason it’s not working is because you haven’t defined a valid data source for your RG, so there’s no data to show.