Bbcode formatting question

Does anyone know much about bbcode and whether you not you can use styling options with it in Bubble?

If I put this into a text element:


[td]William Hartnell[/td]

[td]Patrick Troughton[/td]

[td]Jon Pertwee[/td]

[td][i]Tom Baker[/i][/td]

It will show me this:


But if I want to add a little styling to that, let’s say some table or column borders in a specific colour, how does one achieve this! All the normal operations like trying to use:

[table style=“border:solid 1px #ff0000;”]

doesn’t seem to work.

I don’t know of a way to do this using bbcode, at least on bubble, but there are a couple other ways you can accomplish this:

  • Use an html element, and style the elements using css
  • Wrap the text in a group, and use bubble’s built-in styling to create the border style you want

The second option is what I recommend. Bubble provides a large number of options for styling things natively without having to use code. I very rarely run into situations where my preferred styling can’t be accomplished using their built-in tools.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for that Austin, I probably should have mentioned the reason for asking in the first place.

It’s to do with using the standard ‘send email’ workflow action and I just didn’t fancy taking the normal route of using email templates or signing up with sendGrid, mailChimp, sendinblue etc just to get a partially formatted email with tables etc included.

I know that body field will take bbcode but I wasn’t sure on the limitations through Bubble.

Ah yes, that does make more sense. Unfortunately I don’t think bubble supports bbcode styling. If someone else knows of a way, feel free to correct me though.

I’m thinking the same, hopefully someone can give us an official answer so I can stop trying alterative ways!

@eve do you know if bubble supports bbcode styling?

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Thank you @austin3

Hey folks! Just some basic bbcode for the email fields, I’m afraid, no complex styling – that’ why we’ve leveraged Sendgrid, though certainly understand the reluctance for signing up with yet another service!


Thanks for the confirmation eve

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