Converting HTML to BBCode

I have an app I built for a client several years ago in Microsoft Power Apps. For several reasons, we’re looking to rebuild the app in another tool, and I’d like to use Bubble.

In the app, I have a database with several thousands of rows containing formatted text stored in HTML. In order to bring this over into the bubble world, I’d likely have to convert all that formatted text into bbcode.

I see there are a lot of plugins to convert bbcode to html, but nothing that does the reverse. Any thoughts on how I could accomplish this programmatically?

Why don’t you keep HTML?

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Hey @shashi

Our Air BBcode to HTML converter | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode does the reverse (both BB to HTML and HTML to BB) :slight_smile:

Check out the demo page:

Zeroqode Support Team

Thanks! I’ll check it out!.

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Admins need to be able to edit the text via a wysiwyg editor, and so it’s easier for that and other reasons where having it in bbcode would make certain things possible/easier.

BBCode are more limited. A lot of WYSIWYG editor work with HTML. And after for display, you can use HTML element. You can find some JS script to convert HTML to BBCode. You could probably create a plugin and run this script.