Be aware of freelancers! SCAM alert ❗️

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you a heads up, more like a warning.
I saw someone asking for a freelancer and someone else said it can help.
I have a simple task (compared to an entire bubble app from scratch) and needed some help on finishing it.
After 24 hours I get the quote from that freelancer that offered to help the other user who posted the request. A qote with $6-7000. What the Hell?! Jesus Fu**ing Christ 2.0 with 6-7K you can build a native app or get a template and someone to edit it for your needs…
Be aware of these scammers… not to mention that from where he (or she) is … 6-7K is like 100K in the rest of the world.

Stay safe and only work with certified bubble partners!
That’s all. I’m out! Drops the mic :slight_smile:


Hey Guys

Yes I almost got stung also. A guy said he could help me with Google charts. He said he was a bubble pro.

I asked him to first show me a chart working in bubble connected to bubble data, which he did not. He then tried asking me for 10 hours if pay. 1 chart should not take 10 hours!
I instantly disengaged with him.

I believe he was a freelancer from India. Go careful what you agree with these guys.

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