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App Data Search -- Empty Results. Why?

Hi –

Whenever I need to find an item in my app’s live database, I enter the keyword or unique ID of that item, and regardless of which input I search, the search results are always empty. Note that I know the inputs are in the database, so it’s not an issue of them not existing.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any guidance here would be super appreciated as this is a big problem.

Many thanks.

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I believe the field you are searching has to be visible in the matrix view to find it. Think of the app data display as a spreadsheet and you are searching the spreadsheet. If a field from the database isn’t visible in the spreadsheet, then you won’t find it when you search for it.

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Thank you for the reply! I have done that too. I copy and pasted a field on the database to make sure it was there and the resulting search was still empty. I see 4-5 lines come up, but the cells are empty.

If you do a search on your database, do you see results populate? Curious if I am the only one.


I’m not sure then, that hasn’t happened to me before

Step one, check your privacy rules.

But I think Bubble have recently (as in last maybe 36-48 hours) updated something to do with their privacy rules as data that has previously been used for workflows in one of my apps started not to be passed through and I had to update privacy settings (to be more public than I liked) for it to work.

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I think I was able to figure it out, at least this is what we think is happening. Bubble is showing results when I input the “thing’s” unique IDs, but let’s say, if I search by the name of the user who created the “thing” nothing shows up in the results. So maybe it’s because although some of the data appears on the database, because it’s there due to a relationship to the thing, that Bubble is not looking for it.

It’s definitely a bad user experience for searches. Bubble will hopefully eventually improve on this