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Multi Select drop down

Hello Guys,
I’m building an app that allows users to create a job with wherein i need multiselect dropdown where they can aadd more than one skill.
I can’t figure out how to make the necessary Workflows to create the database objects from the multiselect dropdown.
I am using multiselect dropdown plugin.

Please help me to figure out the way where i caan saave values of this dropdown in a database.

Please ensure you are saving the custom state / multiple drop down value? From above image saving roles of add list its not a element value.

@mani726 Thanks for your reply.I have a custom state where i save a role name when role is selected from dropdown.Now what i want is to store the selected value in database. For that i need help in creating the workflow fr that.Thanks

Ok fine. From screens, custom state will the single item (selected value) so change this custom state into list. Hope it works