Beautiful verification e-mail : SendGrid?

Hi everyone !

I’m currently trying to use the SendGrid plugin to confirm the user address but I don’t know how to send the link that Bubble usually provide to do so.
When you’re checking the box “send an email to confirm the email” you get this link really easily inside the mail confirmation … How can I get it otherwise ?

The issue with the Bubble confirm email is that they are not customize at all …

Thanks in advance !

Hello ceabiven I think :thinking: I should be of help, if I get what you are trying to do right, you want to fix a confirm email to the email provided by the user right?

Hey abio ! Thanks for your answer !

When the user sign up for the first time, I need to check if his/her e-mail address is not a scam. So that is why I want to confirm the e-mail.

To do that there is an easy way by checking the right box inside the “Sign the user up” workflow. But the mail is really simple and not customized at all… So I want to use SendGrid in order to have a beautiful e-mail confirmation.


The problem is that I don’t know how to get this link to confirm the email inside Bubble.

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Hi everyone, I have complete my research :

  • It’s not possible to get the link from Bubble because Bubble gets it itself from a feature proposed by SendGrid
  • To get yourself the link, you need to access this SendGrid feature … and you need to pay for it

To me it doesn’t worth it for a MVP to pay for this kind of feature. So I stick to the old solution : check the box inside the workflow Sign the user up.
However I add a data in my User Type “welcome-email” Yes/No. The first connection of the user, I am sending a beautiful Welcome E-mail with SendGrid. I think it’s a good comprise for free.


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