Why No-Code matters more than ever?! New No-Code Channel

Hello Bubble Friends!

I would like to announce the start of a new project here in Brazil in favor of the no-code community and Bubble.

No-Code Start-Up was born with the objective of democratizing tech entrepreneurship.

To do this, we are striving to create the best content on the subject on YouTube.

Below I leave the link of my first video and the channel:

In this video I will explain to you exactly:

  1. What is no-code and why it matters more than ever today
  2. How you can benefit from no-code
  3. What you can and cannot do with no-code
  4. 5 main no-code tools in the market

Finally, I will share my predictions about the no-code market and segments we are keeping an eye on.

First video of a series that we are planning to publish there :saluting_face:

We believe that many can benefit from the content of the channel.

Leave your like, subscription and whoever can contribute, share this post with your network and friends.

Your support will help us immensely! :blue_heart:

English version:
(Text only at the moment)

Success Bubblers!

Let’s connect :point_down: