Repeating group - Display different icons/images per user data

Hey community,

I’m fairly new on Bubble and I’m struggling to display icons/images according to data per user.

The idea is to show on a profile page images/icons that will be link to a data input.
For example, I would like the user to enter in an input a link to his website and to show the logo of his/her company on his profil page and therefore, when a user click on this logo it got redirect to the external link. I wonder if I need to create another data type called for example « website » that will include images and link or if I can do this under the « user » data type.

Can someone please help me to solve this? On top of this, I would like the repeating group to only show a predefine number of images/link but if the users have more images than this predefine number he has the possibility to show more and it will display the full list. Thanks you in advance,

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