Best Approach for clients receive payments on their own Stripe Account through my App?

Hi guys,
I need to set a payment method that allows my customers to receive their payments on their own Stripe account.

I am working with Stripe js 2 , I have all connected via Stripe Connect, I am letting my customer create a Stripe Standard account and after that, I have all Stripe js connected to their account, and make payments to their account via Direct charge.

It works like this but, I have access to all payments on their account, and customers etc… it should not be like this no?

So how can I correctly manage this? How can I let my customer receive payments on their stripe account through my app but on their separate stripe account without I’m having access to their stripe account?

Possible solution:

  • Comes to mind: create fields to customers of the possibility of adding their own Stripe Api Keys and after that, I use them on my Stripe js2 but as I know there I can’t add the Api keys on dynamic mode on Stripe js

Do you have any suggestions for me?

Thank you in advance
Best Regards

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