Best approach for input / output of HTML?

As I was creating my blog-o-rama demo, I got to wondering about the best way to allow an app user to input HTML (such as the content of a blog post) and then how to render it on the page so that it’s styled properly.

I know other folks have created blogs, so I’m curious what approach you took. In the interest of expedience, I simply didn’t use HTML and just used a text element for output. But is there a best practice for this type of thing?

By “HTML”, you just mean styled text, right?

The rich text input by Bubble is fine(ish) for this (it’s a built-in, but you must install it via the plugin tab).

And then you just display what they edited/input in a text element. The styling automagically appears (lists, bulleted lists, bold, italic, whatever).

There are many other rich text inputs as well, of varying degrees of quality.

If you DO mean raw HTML code, I suppose a great plugin input for that does not exist at the moment. (Like surely there is something better than the inputs Bubble uses in plug-in editor, etc.)

Thanks, @keith! Yeah, I mean styled text. I’m just in a Word[bleh]Press state of mind, so I was thinking along those lines. I was unaware of that plugin, so I’ll give it a try. I did run across the CKEditor, but haven’t actually tried it yet. Sounds like styled text plugin is the way to go. I don’t want/need anything too fancy.

BTW, it’s totally worth putting a crappy-ish microblog on your app site, even if it’s just for your changelog. I do that with GRUPZ.

For example, when I intro some change I can just go here:

And, if you’re me, you see:

And if you’re not me, you see:

I’m big on pages that are editors (if viewed by owner) rather than having separate destinations for edit a thing / view a thing.

Saves a lot of time in the long run.

Great idea. I just might convert my blog demo into a real blog.

I’m thinking along the same lines. I created the endpoint…

…which displays a blog post entry form only for logged in users. If not logged in, you should see just the default message.


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Just became aware of this by @funwtp. Looks pretty sweet if you need something more full-featured.

Yeah, I figured you might have seen that… Bubble plugin components are getting better. See here and following:

It’s a new-ish world.

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