Best chat + SMS combo

I’m looking for a Drift/Intercom/Crisp type chat window that can be: 1) triggered with a button in an RG (as opposed to automatically appearing upon page load) and 2) take in a phone number to initiate a welcome SMS (a la ManyChat) and continue with 2 way, SMS text chat.

CometChat looks to fit the bill although it’s pricey. Does anyone have experience with AtomChat? Perhaps a plugin?

I love twillio:

I think they are cheapest, but might not be as easy to set up as it’s designed for programmers.

Thanks @jobs- there are indeed several Twilio plugins but I’m not sure if the UI is quite what I was looking for- I’ll take a closer look though.

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This feature is available with all the services you listed above I believe.

There must be some type of automation in Intercom that can achieve your #2, but I haven’t really used Intercom that much myself.

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Awesome- thanks, @johnny! I’ll check it out!