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Best PC for Bubble?

Thought I’d open up the floor for any suggestions on a preferred PC config for ‘Bubble building’.

I need a relatively uninterrupted, rapid flowing session which I’m currently not getting at the moment, meaning I have to retain the process and subsequent end result in my head while Bubble/the PC takes 3-4 seconds to implement the last change I made.

If you’re building a relatively large app on Bubble and don’t have problems, I’d like to know what your setup is.

By setup, I mean:

-Hard drive

Internet connection may also be something to consider.

On a separate note but somewhat related, it would be great to get some feedback on what people find to be pinch points where you really do have to wait until you can make the next change and what you think might be causing it.

I’ve seen a thread about the US going to sleep and things speeding up but I can tell you I’m in the UK and I’ve got up at 4am for a whole week to see if it made a difference and the only thing I noticed was bags under my eyes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Im using a basic laptop, acer spin and it seems to handle the jobe quite well, i do find it gets a little sluggish at times but its my internet connection or the browser being loaded. i either logo of and on or close the browser and its back to a reasonable speed.

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@pmanester thanks for dropping in, seems like you have what you need.

Where are you based?

Hi @ryan23!! On my experience, it’s really dependent on how many elements you have in the page you are editing. Since, bubble runs in your browser, it’s going to be very ram dependent and not so much constrained by CPU/GPU.

My most complex app uses up to 2 gb of ram in chrome (only window open), and although I have 64 gb of ram the editing lags. I believe it has something to do with either windows limiting chrome’s ram access or chrome not being able to handle more that easily (per running instance). Yes, I know the app’s design can be optimized but on the users’ side everything works like a charm since not that many elements are visible at once.

Just for reference, my main computer’s config, which I use as daily driver for everything + bubble:

  • CPU AMD 3700x
  • GPU RX 5700 XT
  • 64 GB of DDR4 @3200mhz RAM

Taking in to account what I said before, I guess you’d need at least a good 16GB of RAM to handle several chrome windows + a “heavy” Bubble app. More would be just a waste.

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im in Bali

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Hey @ryan23 :wave:

Here are my specs:

-2020 Mac
-2 TB
-32 GB RAM DDR4X 3733 MHz
-2.3 GHz Quad Core i7
-Internet Speed 500 mbps (about 300 mbps on WIFI)
-Los Angeles, CA
-Chrome Browser

My editor is lightning :zap: fast. Made a huge difference when I updated from my older MacBook Air.

The only time it takes a few seconds to load is the plugin popup. :persevere: Takes about 2-3 seconds or so to load.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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@aestela Thanks for the reply and the detail.

So are you using Windows?

Thanks @J805, That is a good spec!!

I was looking at Macs yesterday actually after someone mentioning the M1 chip being superior in performance to the Intel i9.

The editor lag has really frustrated me recently as I’ve been working solidly to get my app done and would do anything to speed up the process, hence me asking.

Believe after checking everything that it can only be the PC but thought I’d ask what others use before going out to get a new PC only to find it hasn’t made a difference.

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Yeah. I was in the same boat a while back. I didn’t want to invest a lot of money if it wasn’t going to make a difference. It made a huge difference for me. Im glad I made the investment since I work on Bubble as my job.

I am considering upgrading to the new MacBook Pro with the M1 Max chip. It blows all other chips out of the water at the moment. :blush:


Sounds like the way to go! Thanks for the advice @J805 :rocket:

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I found after a while things slow down. Copy url into new browser tab and closing old one gets speed back. Normally I run 2 browsers with about 10-20 tabs each so that might contribute. Imo 32gb ram is the new minimum as I regularly run between 16-20gb usage between office, teams and browsers.

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For years, my Bubble machine was this beauty:

Smooth as butter.


My 0.02: first find out how big your app is. Run an “Application Export” under General->Settings of your app.

Your app’s size will dictate how much RAM you need, due to the way Bubble keeps “stacking” rebuilds of the AST in your browser’s memory (like so you can use the “undo” feature). Apps under 10MB can get away with 8GB of RAM, over that and 16 is recommended unless you like to keep hitting ERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY alerts on the browser. As others have mentioned, killing your browser session will dump the memory usage, but that comes at the cost of having to reload your app. The most important things in my opinion are:

  1. Internet connection. Under 20Mbps really hurts your dev speed. Above 25Mbps with low latency is key. I’ve developed in Bubble all over the US and I always perform a ping check before I even bother spin up a session for bigger apps.
  2. Ram SPEED (faster AST compilation in-browser every time you click)
  3. RAM amount (keeps you from erroring out on the browser)

Processor hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference.



@rico.trevisan - Did you get that out of a Christmas cracker? :rofl:

@jesse.r.hunter quality breakdown thanks! :rocket:

Tried that export and mine’s around 40mb - I have 8GB RAM

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Unless you are doing 8k video editing, big 3-D renders etc you don’t need a Max. Pro is overkill for most people as it is. A normal M1 would handle web editor stuff fine, as it’s all in the cloud. Just get the 16GB of RAM if getting a M1… if I was buying a Pro I’d get 32GB but mostly for future proofing (ie need more RAM over the years as OS’s & programs get more demanding).

Most people would probably be better served with a internet service & router update (or hardwire their internet).

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:sweat_smile: Don’t sleep on the Pixelbook. It is a beast.

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There’s no coffee in that cup, you won’t be sleeping much! :crazy_face:

That’s mainly why I got the 32 GB. You can’t exactly upgrade MacBooks very easily. My last MacBook Air lasted me about 10 years. I want this Pro to do the same. :blush:

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@rico.trevisan @aestela @jesse.r.hunter @dehacked79 @tdehnke
I know this might be a bit delayed considering when I raised this but thanks for everyone’s advice - really appreciated the different views.
SO… drum roll…I ended up looking at the CPU Processes within Ctrl/Alt/Del and found that my memory when idol was running at about 50%. When using Bubble, the memory was running between 75-85% and reloading every 15 minutes.
Received a new HP laptop in the post with 16GB RAM & i7 processor and so far, it has no delay whatsoever in the editor - I was waiting for it to make the change I made 3-4 mins ago and despite my commitment to what I was doing, it was sending me insane!!
RAM was the answer to problem!!