Export app data to repeating list in email template?

I am building an online marketplace using Bubble, which allows users to post Listings.

In terms of how the app is set up, I have a data type ‘Listing’ which has various fields on it including title, images (list), location, seller name and price.

I would like the ability for an admin to select existing Listings (including the Listing image, title, location, seller name, price and link to the Listing on the website) to be send out to our users via email.

I have built the page for to allow the admin to select the Listings, using a repeating group, check box and custom state ‘selected’:

The two bits I’m am now stuck on are:

  1. How do I export the selecting Listings to an email tool? I am assuming it will be a workflow that says ‘when [Send Email] is clicked, send Listings where selected is yes’

  2. How do I create the email which includes the selected Listings as a repeating group in the email body? The list/repeating group in the email would need to be dynamic i.e. one email might contain 6 Listings, and another might contain 22, depending on what the admin has selected. See design below:

Is there a no code solution to this? Maybe using Zapier and Sendgrid or MailChimp?

Many thanks in advance :smile:

You may well be in luck with with the new “Format As Text” thingy.

So you can turn a search into formatted text.

Previously this was pretty hard and I have used PostmarkApp to format some nice tables. The “Format As Text” thing should help with that as well.

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Thanks, Nigel - just did a bit of searching around “Format As Text” and found this post which looks spot on. :smile:

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