New native app builder - Creo

Hey guys!

Found Creo Builder on ProductHunt and it’s really awesome -

Drag and drop builder with easy integration of backends through APIs, so you can link your Bubble flows and backend into it. There is a little bit of code involved to send actions, but it’s very basic, and you pick it up after a few hours if all you’re doing is sending an action from your API.

Thought I’d pass it on for anyone else building native apps!


Have you managed to successfully build a native app that talks to Bubble with this? I tried early last year, couldn’t get it to work but the functionality may have improved since then.

I haven’t got farm enough in my development yet to deploy a full app. The service just came out of beta this week, I’ve been able to run certain flows that I’ve wanted through it so far, but have not completed my full native app yet. Will report when I’m done if it was all successful, however I’ve had no hurdles when testing individual windows and functions so far.

Hi there… some updates?