Best practice for trying things?

What is the best way to make a snapshot of my app to which I can revert to when an experiment goes wrong?

Are you on paid or free plan?


Then just create a save point… (note: the started plan only gives you 2 days of backup)

Ideally feature flags and A/B testing are the answer to your question but sadly bubble doesn’t have great tooling to do those things where it doesn’t require republishing your app to roll back a change. So outside of upgrading to a plan that gives you more environments (which can also cause more headaches) you’ll have to either create your own plugin using something like / optimizely (Google Optimize is sunsetting in a few months), or setup your own feature flag system. You can implement the latter case a couple of ways:

  • On a per users basis, where you essentially have a features field on your Users datatype that you then add feature options or texts to to “subscribe” users in and out of new / old features… then conditionally show / hide those feature based on if a user is subscribed to them.
  • On a global basis, where you use option sets or some other text based enumeration to enable / disable features for all users… So instead of deleting a new feature when it goes awry (or doesn’t see traction) you can hide it for everyone until you figure out exactly what you want to do with it, whether that’s fixing it or deleting it entirely.

I mention the bit about A/B testing because it goes hand in hand with feature flags… simplifying the process of a gradual feature roll-out, thereby providing analytics about usage and detecting failures with a small percentage of users before committing to larger roll-outs (and larger problems).

In my opinion @allenyang , it only benefits Bubble to offer excellent A/B testing tools in the starter plan (not just Growth plans and above) as such tooling is uniquely able to help the smallest (and most fragile) of Bubble apps to pivot as quickly as possible into becoming thriving businesses… businesses that may not have graduated into your more expensive plans if not for having controlled roll-outs of new features. And that’s not hyperbolic. The most used plugins on here are for payment processing… and flubbing a payment integration can spell the difference between having a business and being out of business next week. This is where controlled roll-outs matter and it’s just not something we can easily do today.

Well thanks.
I think it is made a little more complicated than intended, though.
What I mean/need is: Just when I work in Word, I tend to create new files as versions:
Article About Something version 09 june '23.doc
Article About Something version 10 june '23.doc
Article About Something version 11 june '23.doc.
When something happens to version 11 june '23.doc, (form example I screw up the doument beyond repair), I always can fall back to version 10 june '23.doc .

In that case the answer is what @adamhholmes said. Make a save point when you have things working and revert when they’re no longer working.

You can also copy your app or export it as a JSON file to later revert it (past 2 days!)

Sounds good. I searched for it but cannot find this option… Where is it located?