Best practice to develop native & web app in parallel

Hi together,

How would you proceed if you would develop a web app and native app for a client at the same time?

  • Would this require two bubble apps?
  • Is it necessary to “duplicate” the webapp and crunch it together for the native app?
  • How would you approach this topic?

Very curious about your responses! :slight_smile:


There isn’t a “native” app it is just your web app wrapped into a nice app users can download on the app store. The wrapped apps have extra features like maybe sending notifications, getting GPS, etc. But they are really just your web app packaged in a nice browser.

So by developing your web app you are kind of updating your website and your app at the same time. It’s up to you to make the pages responsive from large widescreens all the way down to phone screen size.

Some people make them responsive across the whole range, but if the layouts need to be completely different then some people just make two different pages, one for desktop and one for mobile.

Shouldn’t the “native” app be developed on only one page in bubble with hiding and showing pages given a specific state/URL parameter? That’s what all of the sources so far stated that I was able to find.

Yes they recommend that so it feels more like a native app than a web browser switching pages. On a desktop it’s the same benefit it would just speed it up

What if I would like to have a different feeling on my mobile app though? A selection bar to switch between tabs etc., maybe mobile adjusted navigation etc.

Is there a smart way to adjust this? Is it for example possible to only wrap one page for the native app while the other X pages are part of the web app?

When you right click and edit the page you can specify the mobile version of the same page. So if Bubble detects its on a mobile device it displays the mobile version instead. So you would create the mobile version on a separate page with your tabs, etc.

And yes when you wrap your app they are going to ask you for the URL of your app, so you can just point it straight to your one page intended for mobile

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